Rastafarian-Achimota Saga: 3 Former Teachers of Iras Marhguy Speak Up; As They Give Good Account of His Conduct

Three former teachers of Tyrone Iras Marhguy, one of the two Rastafarian students who were denied admission to Achimota school have open on his conduct at Junior High School (JHS).

In an exclusive report filed by Citinewsroom, Iras Marhguy together with his two siblings were enrolled to JHS 2 at Omega Junior High School.

The report says, Omega JHS was his fourth basic school since he and his parent lived in Kumasi, Aburi, Kasoa and Ablekuma.

Marhguy’s English teacher identified as Christabel Agyemang described the character of the young man in the words:

“Tyrone was a good boy, respectful, clever, and very intelligent. He was a very cool and calm boy. He couldn’t do any harm,” she said.

Tyrone Iras Marhguy’s ICT teacher called Daniel Nyarko also revealed:

“There was a time I was teaching ICT and I had to combine both classes, and then I made an error in the lesson. But then, he came to me personally to prompt me, so I don’t feel bad for making a mistake. I was like ‘Wow! What a brilliant child he was!’”

Another teacher, Patience Debrah said she was heartbroken when she found out that he had been refused entry into the Achimota School because of his dreadlocks.

She added: “He didn’t have any bad record. We think Achimota School should give him a chance and then they will attest to the fact that he’s really good.”

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