RMU, GMA Launch Train-the-Trainer Course on Maritime Safety

The Regional Maritime University (RMU) has inaugurated Train-the-Trainer Course on the Standards of Training, Certification and Watchkeeping course for Fishers (STCW-F) course.

The course which is being ran in partnership with the Ghana Maritime authority, seeks to enhance maritime safety.

In an address at the inauguration ceremony on Monday, the Acting Vice Chancellor of RMU Dr. Jethro W. Brooks, Jr. emphasized the importance of the course and the collaborative efforts between RMU and the Ghana Maritime Authority (GMA).

He underscored the pivotal role these institutions play in shaping the maritime training landscape in the region, thereby strengthening the maritime industry across Africa.

“Together, we can become a maritime training hub not only in Ghana but also in Africa,” he affirmed.

He stated that the focal point of the event was the Train-the-Trainer Course, aligned with the International Convention on Standards of Training, Certification, and Watch keeping for Fishing Vessel Personnel (STCW-F) 1995, with subsequent amendments.
“This convention sets forth mandatory certification and training requisites for the crew of seagoing fishing vessels, aimed at promoting safety at sea and safeguarding marine ecosystems, thus, a better-trained fishing personnel would significantly reduce the occurrence of accidents and subsequent loss of lives, thus enhancing overall fishing operation safety.”

The Vice Chancellor also acknowledged the tremendous responsibility placed on the course participants, who would eventually be tasked with imparting the acquired knowledge and skills to a growing number of Fishing Vessel Personnel, not only within Ghana but also across the West and Central African sub-region.

“The success of this 14-day course is crucial to us at the Regional Maritime University,” Dr. Brooks emphasized. He expressed confidence in the collaboration between RMU and GMA and affirmed the University’s commitment to ensuring the successful culmination of the training.

Dr. Brooks extended expressed gratitude to the Ghana Maritime Authority, the Danish Embassyand the facilitators for their dedication in making the program a reality and urged participants to approach the course with utmost seriousness to attain the desired outcome.

On her part, the representative of the, Ghana Maritime Authority (GMA), at the inauguration ceremony Barbara Darlco-Ghaus, praised the collaborative efforts between the Danish counterparts and the North Sea College in Denmark for designing and executing the ten-day training program aimed at enhancing Ghana’s Fishing Sector.

“The Fishing Industry demands well-trained and skilled individuals to mitigate the high fatality rate associated with this challenging profession,”
Acknowledging the generous support from the RMU in providing a venue for the training, Darlco-Ghaus conveyed her appreciation to all participating lecturers and resource persons.

She underscored the significance of the STCW-F course in meeting its objectives and preparing the lecturers to conduct Basic Safety Training Courses tailored to the needs of Ghanaian Fishers.

The Train-the-Trainer Course underscores the ongoing commitment of Ghana and its international partners to improving safety and professional standards within the maritime sector. With this initiative, the nation takes a significant step toward reducing risks and fatalities in one of the world’s most perilous professions.


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