Sad news as top Nigerian herbalist dies after pronouncing death of Iyabo Ojo

Nigerian herbalist who pronounced death on actress Iyabo Ojo has rather found his way to the grave.

Nigerians are shocked following the news of the elderly man’s death!

Several weeks ago, top Nigerian Yoruba comic actor Baba Ijesha was arrested and charged with defilement.

The story became a massive issue in Nigeria with everyone giving their opinions on social media.

Iyabo Ojo was scathing in her criticism of Baba Ijesha, which did not go down well with the traditional medicine healer.

He recorded a video raining insults and curses on Iyabo Ojo.

He claimed that she is tarnishing Baba Ijesha’s image because he refused to give her money to keep quiet.

He warned that: “Because Baba Ijesha did not settle them well, they want to tarnish his name, they cannot tarnish his name.. God will surely tarnish Iyabo Ojo,”

Later identified as Egbeji Oloogun of Nigeria Aka Baba Egbeji, the 75-year-old has sadly passed away.

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