Samara Osae-Asare Impresses Nana Ama McBrown with Journalism Skills at Onua Showtime Launch

Ghana’s young prodigy, Samara Osae-Asare, wowed the audience at the launch of the Onua Showtime with her impressive journalism skills. The co-host of Kidz Arena on TV3, confidently interviewed guests at the launch, including veteran actress and TV host Nana Ama McBrown. McBrown was impressed with Samara’s interviewing skills and commended her parents for grooming her talent and dedication to the craft. Her performance at the Onua Showtime launch left many impressed and has no doubt earned her many fans.

Samara’s passion for journalism started at a young age, and she has been honing her skills ever since. Her dedication to her craft has earned her opportunities to interview some of the world’s top personalities including Twitter founder Jack Dorsey, Usher, Vic Mensa, and Chance The Rapper. She has proven that age is just a number when it comes to pursuing one’s dreams.

During the interview with McBrown, Samara asked about her journey in the entertainment industry. McBrown revealed that it had not been an easy ride, but through determination and hard work, she has been able to learn every lesson and make a name for herself in the industry.

McBrown praised Samara for her determination and passion for the craft, stating that she was a shining example of what young people can achieve when they set their minds to it. Her confidence, interviewing skills, and passion for journalism have earned her recognition and admiration from industry experts and fans alike.

In a world where young people are often overlooked, Samara’s talent and dedication serve as a reminder that age is not a barrier to achieving success. Her performance at the Onua Showtime launch is a testament to her skills and potential, and we look forward to seeing more from her in the future.

For the most part, Samara’s story highlights the importance of nurturing and supporting young talent. As a society, we need to recognize and encourage the potential of our youth, providing them with the necessary resources and opportunities to achieve their dreams.

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