Seglime affordable housing: Ghanaians angry as gov’t sells off project to private developer

Ghanaians have expressed anger over the government’s decision to sell the Saglemi Affordable Housing Project to a private developer.

Taking to social media to pour out their feelings about the failed project and the latest decision from the government, netizens claim the sale of state properties is a threat to national development and posterity.

The Works and Housing Minister, Francis Asenso Boakye in an address said the government will sell the failed Saglemi Affordable Housing Project of 1,500 housing units to a private developer, who will complete and sell them. The government will then invest the funds in another affordable housing project.

While at a press briefing on Sunday, Mr Boakye said that the decision was arrived at after some assessment of the project and broader consultations.

He further detailed that the government could not disregard calls by Ghanaians to finish the project and this led the government to vigorously engage Cabinet; the Ministry of Finance (MoF), the Office of the Attorney-General and the Ministry of Justice.

Government will have to provide additional financing to the tune of approximately US$46 million to provide off-site infrastructure, that is, water, electricity, and storm drain, to make the housing units habitable.


Additionally, there is the need to invest approximately US$68 million to complete the buildings and other essential on-site infrastructure works, Mr Boakye disclosed.

Despite the explanation from the government on its decision, a section of Ghanaians on social media said it does not make sense to them.

Mintah News has gathered some comments from social media in this regard.

@Okatakyie Kofi Aboagye wrote;….”So why not take loans from banks in Ghana, complete the projects, sell them to pay off the loan. Akuffo Addo hasn’t built even one housing project and now wants to mess up the already finished one. Ghana is heading into a terrible ditch.”


@Hudu Yahaya also said “this should not have been dreamt of let alone saying loud. It must be resisted. I feel the pain that I don’t have the resources to organize a COUP D’ETAT. The foolishness is glaring.”


@Philip Kudjo commented that “if govt is not able to put up affordable housing for its citizens how possible can a private person with business interests do that? Ghana is really failing, if not failed already.”


@George Badak: “will the proceeds from the purported sales be able to build and fully complete, more than the 1500 housing units existing in the name of the State? It sounds ridiculous to me.”

Seglime affordable housing


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