Sen.Ndume Says military should be commended, lauds Buhari/ APC’s achievements

The Senator representing Borno South at the National Assembly, Muhammed Ali Ndume has commended the military for taking the fight to the bandits in Zamfara and Katsina states

The law maker who was answering questions from Journalists stated that the bandits are no better than common criminals and thieves, thus asking for amnesty for, or entering into dialogue with them does not arise. He explained that the only language these criminals understand is that of force,
“I am glad the military had taking the fight to them and the must be commended.

He also charged the media to support the military in the fight against banditry.
” You in the media should appreciate what the military is doing in Zamfara as regards the fight against kidnappers.

The law maker also disagreed with Sheik Ahmad Gumi that the government has not exhausted all avenues of dialogue. ” We should dialogue with people who Kidnapped people’s wives and rape them, we shouldn’t dialogue with people who kill others “, he said

On the burning issue of whether Nigeria should get more loans in order to develop the country, the Senator explained that he is in support of Nigeria borrowing to develop critical infrastructure such as roads, health facilities and others. He, however added that loans should not be obtained in order to pay salaries as that would amount to a waste.

” When you need to develop, and there is no money, if there are organisations which are willing to lend the where with to develop and you have the means of repaying these loans, the go ahead and get the loans.

“What should not be accepted is borrowing which is not attached to a particular developmental project or when you borrow without the means of repayment and when you borrow to pay salaries then, it is not good at all.

“The law maker further added that Nigeria’s borrowing is tied to projects and so there is no need for fear that such loans would be a waste.

The Borno South Senate also defended the APC from allegations that the party and President Muhammadu Buhari has failed the country.

Ndume said that the APC had not failed Nigeria since it has revamped the economy of the country, albeit very slowly. Ndume also said that though the APC has no fulfilled it’s campaign promises of providing security for the state, revamping the economy and tackling corruption. Nonetheless, the President has lived up to his promise of fighting the menace.

“Before the advent of the APC, corruption was very much pronounced in all fabrics of the country even the Government is not immuned to corruption
But today, we have reduced the scourges of corruption to an all time low.

“Nobody is stealing openly anymore. In the same vein, no one can claim that President is corrupt not pampers corruption. Similarly, the President has not been linked to any corruption scandal.

The lawmaker also welcomed the former minister of Aviation under the administration of former President Olusegun Obasanjo, Femi Fani Kayode into the fold of All Progressives Congress APC, Ndume explained that Kayode was a founding member of the APC but he was angered and so he left the party.

“Now that he is back, we are happy to bring him to our fold, Ndume added.

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