Stop Going To Church And Work – Captain Smart Tells Ghanaian Youth

Captain Smart, the controversial and loud-mouthed Ghanaian media personality, has over the years warned the youth to be vigilant and stop going to church because the church does not really add up to the success of its hard work.

Blessed Godsbrain Smart made it abundantly clear in a recent submission on his regular show on Onua TV that even when there was COVID and churches were closed down, nothing happened, and thus nothing will happen if we all don’t go to church regularly but stay hard workers and go to church at most once a month.


He said:

The government will take our money, but we Ghanaians will simply go to church to pray for a better Ghana. Too much church attendance and prayers are destroying our country. However, God is said to help people who help themselves in the Bible. And as a guy, you can never put food on the table unless you work hard for it yourself. Therefore, why should we continue to visit churches to pray for a better life while our leaders are wasting our money? “Patriotism is of little value in a society when “churchism” takes over.”



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