Tv Presenter Bridget Otoo Sack from Metro Tv Because She belongs To NDC

It’s been a 24 hours of mixed feelings for Ghanaian media personality Bridget Otoo who gained the chance to work with Metro TV only to be fired again.

Bridget Otoo was scheduled to appear on Metro TV’s to present their 7:00 evening news but failed to show up raising eyebrows on what exactly could be her decision not to turn up just a day after gaining the job.

According to rumors fast spreading on online the government ordered management of the television network to fire her all because she is an NDC member.

Bridget an NDC activist and that is not even a secrete hence the allegations had it that The Ruling government fears she would use the platform to continue launching unnecessary attacks on them.

A top ranking member of NDC’s Communications team, Annan Perry Arhin broke out the the alleged reason Bridget was fired by the TV station and accused the NPP government led by President AKUFO-ADDO of ordering authorities at Metro TV to sack Bridget Otoo.

“Are you wondering why Bridget Otoo didn’t show up on #NewsNight at 7 pm, Akufo Addo/Bawumia/Npp government have instructed the owners of metro tv to sack her with immediate effect because she bashes them and is a supporter of John Mahama”. He wrote

His allegations quickly gained momentum in the media and Netizens are reacting  to it with serious jabs to the Government.

Currently we at can’t establish if Bridget Otoo’s premature exit from the station has something to do with her political affiliation and we will go deep into it to bring out to you what actually happened behind the scene leading to such a harsh decision taken by metro TV.

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