Twene Jonas calls on FDA to close down Afia Schwar’s pure water factory

US-based social media commentator Twene Jonas has appealed to the Food and Drugs Authority as a matter of urgency to close down the pure water factory of Afia Schwarzenegger.

it would be remembered that Twene Jonas last week alleged that a very close source has informed him that there is a snake in one of the water tanks being used by Afia Schwarzenegger at her pure water factory.

He explained that what the snake does is that it sucks away the destiny of anyone who drinks the water and then transfers it to Afia Schwar to make her rich.

Twene Jonas is back again and this time has asked that the authorities of the FDA does the right thing but going to remove the snake from the tank.

He continued that Afia is smart and might try to hide the snake from them but they should be extra vigilant to make sure they are able to spot and remove the snake before it ends up killing people.

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