Uganda’s President Says Kampala Suicide Bombers Coordinated With Groups In Somalia, Kenya

Uganda’s President Yoweri Museveni said suicide bombers, who killed at least three people in Kampala attacks blamed on the Islamic State-aligned Allied Democratic Forces (ADF) on November 16, were receiving coordination from abroad.

The assaults prompted Ugandan government to send 1,700 troops into neighboring Democratic Republic of Congo, where the ADF fighters have bases and training camps.

“The bombs which they exploded in Kampala recently, we have some indication they were coordinating with groups in Kenya and in Somalia,” Museveni said, in an interview with Reuters news agency”. “Maybe not commanding or control but collaboration.”

In the interview, Museveni said he was coordinating the operation against ADF with Congo’s president, after Ugandan military said on Friday its troops in DR Congo would stay there as long as needed to defeat ADF-affiliated militants.


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