University students donate scholarship fee to low-income students

University students in northwest China have been lauded for donating their scholarship fee to low-income primary and middle school students. Zhao Siyao, a junior at Xidian University in Xi’an City, northwest China’s Shaanxi Province, decided to donate his 8,000-yuan ($1,252) scholarship fee to low-income students after learning that an upper grade student had done it before, an act he found really meaningful and inspiring.

Zhao appealed to more students to join him, and quickly received a response from seven other students. Together, they raised over 15,000 yuan. With the help of the university, they connected to Xiangcun School in Yaoshan Town, Pucheng County. In early November, they headed to the school and donated 500 yuan to each of its 22 primary and middle school students, as well as over 100 books and some sports equipment to the school.

Zhao said: “For these students, the money we donated could mean just subsidies to their families, but once they grow up, they will understand that the goodwill can be passed on.”

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