Vodafone Bulk SMS: Cost-Effective Packages, Prices And Subscription

Vodafone Ghana as part of its mandate to provide its customers with the best possible and yet affordable packages has introduced the Vodafone Bulk SMS solutions.

Vodafone Bulk SMS Solution allows you to securely and cost-effectively communicate with your audience thus your customers, partners and employees in a cost-effective manner via SMS across all networks.

In short, Vodafone Bulk SMS solutions is another fantastic platform tailored by Vodafone Ghana to provide great advertising and marketing platforms for its customers to conveniently reach a large audience.

What are the offers enjoyed on Vodafone Bulk SMS solutions?

The  Bulk SMS solutions allows subscribers  to:

  •  Import phone or address book from text files
  •  Schedule SMS so it goes out to target audience at your set time
  • Save template of messages for regular use
  • Personalize Sender IDs, so target audience know the message is coming from the subscriber’s business
  • Generate reports of the SMS sent

What are the requirements for subscription?

Anyone who wishes to subscribe to the Vodafone Bulk SMS solutions must note that answers would be required for the following information;

  • Company’s name
  • Business Registration number
  • Nature of business
  • Name of contact Person
  • Account Manager
  • Regular and alternative phone number
  • Prefered username
  • Email address
  • Password

What are the steps to register for Vodafone Bulk SMS?

For anyone who wishes to register for the Bulk SMS,

  • Open any browser on your phone,tablet or desktop
  • Visit Vodafone Bulk SMS solutions’ webpage
  • Click on “Register Here”
  • Enter all required details into their prescribed slots
  • Tick “Accept Terms and Conditions” and “Privacy Statement”
  • Click to submit application and wait for a successful prompt

Bulk SMS solution provides an affordable alternative to communicate with your customers whilst also equipping you with reporting tools to know how the number of customers reached. Contact Vodafone Ghana on their helpline; 100 for more enquiries.


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