Vodafone Made4Me: Fantastic Offers, Prices And Bundle Code

Vodafone Ghana is by far a leading telecommunications network in the country. This is quite obvious as a result of their unending provision of reliable and flexible packages to their users.

One of such offers is the Vodafone Made4Me. This is a bundle package carefully curated by Vodafone Ghana and intended for all customers of Vodafone who subscribe to and carefully read to accept all terms and conditions outlined by the firm.

The Vodafone Made4Me offer is available only to Prepaid Mobile Customers and allows such customers to purchase voice or data or a combination of both on a daily basis or per the offer presented.

How do you subscribe to the Vodafone Made4Me?

A customer can simply subscribe to the Vodafone Made4Me by following the steps below;

  •  By dialing *530#
  • Three offers are presented to you to choose from upon dialing the short code
  • You must however note that the offers can co-exist with other bundles with high priority given first to the Vodafone Made4Me offers until allocations are  exhausted
  • Vodafone Made4Me offers do not auto renew upon expiry. A subscriber must therefore redial the short code to renew the Offer
  • Registration onto any Vodafone Made4Me offer is charged as per the cost indicated on USSD menu.
  • You can register for any Made4Me that is made available to you at the time of dialing the short code (*530#) You will only be limited by the availability of your buckets.

What are the offers presented on Vodafone Made4Me?

It must be noted that Vodafone does not guarantee or warrant that such Made4Me benefits shall always be available and hence offers shall be limited to the availability of the customer’s bucket. However, the general offers which are normally presented to customers are;

  • 1.1gb for 3 days

This Vodafone Made4Me offer is sold at GHs 2 and available to the customer for two days after subscription and expires afterwards.

  • 2gb for 24hours

This offer is also available for one day after successful subscription and gives the customer 2gb of internet data at a cost of Ghs 3.

  • 160mins all network, 250mb and 10 SMS for 7 days

This offer lasts for 7 days at the cost of GHs 5 and offers the customer 250mb of internet data, 160 talk-time for all networks and 10 SMS.

Subscribers must also note that the Vodafone Ghana reserves the right to suspend the Made4Me Offer temporarily or permanently for legal, regulatory and for operational reasons (e.g. for repairs, planned maintenance or upgrades) whenever it is deemed necessary.


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