We Were Promised Motor Bikes To protest Agsinsy Sen. Sani , Says Protesters

More evidences are coming out about the anti Uba Sani  protests embarked up on by some irated youths in Kaduna yesterday .

Speaking to journalists in the evening after the protest, Musa Ubandaba who resides around Abuja Junction, said they were received into participating in the protests against Senator Uba Sani by some big politicians in the state.
He said,
‘They told us that Senator Uba Sani is doing nothing to elevate our sufferings.
“They also claimed that the Senator is just sitting down in Abuja doing but collecting money .
Ubandaba for explained that they were given money and promisd motorcycles if they take part in the protest.
” our sponsors gave us some money and also promised to give each protesters a motor bike .
He further explained that it was after the protests that it dawn on them that they were deceived .
“After the protests, our sponsors disappeared with the balance of the money promised us and of course, the motor bikes promised us , we discovered that , they lied to us about that too.
He went on , after that, discovered that I have been duped onto casting aspersion on an Innocent person, hence I decided to Come and seek forgiveness from Senator Uba Sani.
Another of the protestor, Ahmed Ahmed claimed that he had tried in the past to see the senator with the views of telling him his problems but all his attempts at seeing Sen.Sani had proved abortive .
Ahmed continued
” I was frustrated since all my efforts to get to see him was dashed. So , when these politicians came to pay us to embark on protest against the senator, eagerly , I accepted their offer
When asked if he was paid to protest, Ahmed said;
“Yes, we promised a Jing Chen Motor bikes each and we were also given cash .
” However, we realized that those that sponsored the protests have actually duped us ,he added.
“The Motor Bikes promised us did not materialized, while the sponsors just disappeared into thin air ,Ahmed said.
When asked to say the names of those that sponsored them, both Ahmed and Ubandaba declined.
However, they appealed to Senator Uba Sani to forgive them.

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